UEFA award for “King’s Tears”


The Latvian Football Federation (LFF) has received the UEFA Grassroots Silver Award for “Best Grassroots Project” for its work on the comic series King’s Tears. This is the first time in history that the LFF has been awarded the Grassroots project by the international football federations.

In collaboration with the project manager Renārs Krīgers, the Audiovisual team was entrusted with the creative and technical creation of the project. Based on the idea and the 11 rules that FIFA developed to educate parents, we created 11 real-life stories from our own experience or those of other people in Latvian football. Cartoonist Aivars Barānovs (known better under the pseudonym “Mildas Laiks”) was involved in the project as well. When the comics were printed, work began on the second phase of the project, where the comics gained movement and sound – in both Latvian and English voiceovers.

It is an honor to win the UEFA award (although legally received by the Football Federation, but still) and thanks to all who participated in this project!

You can find out more about the project here – karalaasaras.lv.