Poetry book “DurVis”


It is a great honor and pride to witness the moment when people open new “doors” in their lives. Ilvars Koscinkevičs is an avid Football Man (with a capital letter) who has written great articles on football for many years in Latvian most popular sports magazine, has been and still is a great football commentator. Since 8th grade, Ilvars used to write poems in his notebooks. This side of Ilvars was known only to his closest friends, but now these poems are no longer just in the drawer at Ilvar’s home, but they are in bookstores throughout Latvia.

At the beginning of the year, Ilvars spoke to me, offering to design his first poetry book. Of course I immediately said: “Yes!”

The poetry book “DurVis” (“Doors”) has been on sale since June, and all of the revenue goes for the rehabilitation of Rudolfs Pogoda. Several years ago, a boy was hit by a car at a pedestrian crossing in Saulkrasti. To date, this project has raised nearly 2,000 euros for rehabilitation of Rudolfs. Poetry book “DurVis” are still available in stores.

My colleague Jānis Ločmelis and Ilvars also made a very good short film about the project.

By Roberts Vīksne
Head of Audiovisual