One of the main specialities of our team is making documentaries. Since 2014 we have created documentaries on sport, people, fashion, and corporate documentaries. In 2019, we are working on three new documentaries that will see the light this fall.

“On the road to Freedom” (2018)
“Unlikely Models Camp” (2018) – premiere at Splendid Palace, TV premiere – STV Pirmā!
“A letter from Dalbe” (2017) – premiere LTV7
Documentary for insurance company Balta to celebrate its 25 year anniversary.
“Captain #13” (2015) – premiere LTV7
“Referees” (2016)
“Algorithm of Football” (2015) – premiere LTV7
“I could be you. Marians Pahars” (2015) – premiere LTV7
“Story about the Baltic Cup” (2014) – premiere LTV7
“There are no small things in Football” (2014) – premiere LTV7